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What types of trainings are available

Offline Instruction Guides

Guides like no other ; due to the difficulty a technical resource (person) can and usually has in finding the correct information on the internet to assist with their unique installation environment requirement, even just to find the simple steps needed to reboot the entire platform across tiers. Multiple series of guides have been compiled for these specific scenarios.

A person using these guides will be left with no question as to what the requirement will be of them to perform the task, or what the exact operating system specific steps and commands would be to complete the task.

Multiple Platforms
Here you will find series of guides that cover the following three main operating systems: AIX, Linux, & Windows. Every effort is made to ensure that all O.S. specific nuances are catered to with each O.S. specific guide series.
Scenario Based
Guides are grouped into series, and each series focuses on a specific scenario that details each and every step you will need to either implement an instance of IBM Information Server, or to maintain/use your installed instance. Scenarios differ by operating system and topology configuration.
Multiple Topologies
Guide series cover a range of the most common topology configurations found in my 10 years as an implementer of the system. Examples: 2-tier topology on AIX/Linux, Single tier topology on Windows Server using MS SQL server as an IIS repository, 4-tier topology on Linux (2 Engines), and so on.

Online Training Courses

Coming Soon

Our training courses will be structured to be the equivalent of a hands-on, in person trianing workshop. The student will be provided with everything needed – barring the actuall IIS installation itself – to carry out a self-paced, high detail, real-world, training workshop from the comfort of their office or home. Complete with video lecturing, a training manual, a workshop guide, and any imports required to perform the training workshop.

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