How Do They Work?

Steps to choosing your guides

Base installation guide

A base installation guide forms the core installation procedure for IBM InfoSphere Information Server. You will be guided through the entire process to get the installer to execute to completion on a selected topology. Once complete, you can follow up the base installation with post-installation procedures.

Post installation guide

Post-installation guides follow-up the base installation procedure. Due to the amount of complexity involved in post installation configurations, separate guides are provided for each components’ post install configuration. If you have already installed IIS, you then only need to download the post-install guide you require.

Additional supporting guide

In addition to the base and post installation guides. There are additional standalone low-cost and free guides to supplement your installation or day-to-day maintenance and administrative practices. Easy to digest, easy to implement.

Checkout & Download

Once you have chosen your desired guide(s), checkout and pay via an industry leading and extremely secure payment gateway. Come back at any time and download your purchase(s).

Why Choose My Guides

Highly Detailed
Each guide strives to be as granular yet concise as possible ; to the point and clear.
Step-by-step structure
Every guide is structured in a step-by-step manner, which includes the exact command you would need to execute to get the job done.
Easy to read
All instructions are presented in simple and easy to understand UK English with line-by-line instructions ; No fancy words here buddy.
No prior technical knowledge required
As a result of the step-by-step and detailed nature of all guides, little technical knowledge - and certainly no prior IIS knowledge - is required beyond being able to log onto the platform you'll be working on. Every action you'll need to get the job done is layed out for you.
All encompassing
Each guide is all encompassing to the scenario and/or task it focuses on. No steps will be left out, no assumptions will be made on your beforehand knowledge.
All guides are designed to be able to be used completely offline, without internet access. Meaning that you will not be redirected back out the document to acquire additional details via links or the like. Will will however need to ensure that you have all the related documents together when tackling your scenario.