IBM Information Server 11.5 Installation – DataStage Only, AIX, 2-Tier Topology, WebSphere App Server Network Deployment


The ultimate step-by-step guide to installing IBM InfoSphere Information Server V11.5 DataStage on AIX.

Detailing the specific steps needed to install Information Server DataStage on a 2 tier AIX 7.1 server topology, using the default WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment Edition application server and DB2 Enterprise Edition repository.

Not only tailored for the business enterprise technical resources tasked with installing this product, but consultants intending to specialise in the installation and configuration of the IBM InfoSphere Information Server platform may also use this guide to give them the edge that guarantees their success when implementing a new Information Server instance.


Guide details

  • Guide type: Installation
  • Guide focus: Initial preparation of the operating system, the running of the installation program from beginning to end, and a number of simple post installations steps.
  • Topology:
    • Tier 1 – repository and common services
    • Tier 2 – engine
  • Operating system: AIX 7.1
  • Package versions used:
    • Suite – Information Server V11.5.0.2
    • Repository – DB2 Enterprise 10.5
    • Common Services – WebSphere Application Server 8.5.5 Network Deployment
    • XL C/C++ for AIX – V12.1

This guide leads you through the process of preparing your AIX environment for the successful installation of an IBM Information Server V11.5.0.2 2-tier instance. In addition, you will be given tips and tricks gained over 10 years of installing IBM’s InfoSphere Information Server to help ensure the success of your install, as well as give you insight as to why you’re are configuring the system in the manner detailed.

This guide covers only the installation of the DataStage component of IBM’s Information Server. Additional components like the Information Governance Catalog, Information Analyzer and more are NOT covered in this guide. Alternate guides will be made available in future to detail the installation of additional components.

Please Note: This guide is password protected using your email address, prohibiting the printing of this guide.

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DataStage only

Operating System

AIX 7.1


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IIS 11.5: 2-Tier DataStage installation on AIX 7.1