About Inforge

it's all about simplicity and efficiency


Thanks for taking the time to check my website! 

It is my goal to create a service that provides the knowledge and tooling you need to master the implementation of, and the usage of IBM’s Information Server information management platform.

I’ve been a specialist in the B.I. space, and specifically the Information Server platform for over 10 years. Through my work I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to travel the world and be involved in more Information Server projects – implementation or development – than I can count. This has allowed me the opportunity to gain much knowledge on all the aspects of the platform, it’s tooling, it’s deep inner workings, as well as training.

It is this knowledge that I hope to share with you via this website.

... I do it

The Inforge Academy was founded at the beginning of 2018 to relieve a desperate need in the Data Management field, specifically with IBM’s Information Server platform. A need the technical users and developers of the platform know all to well.

There simply are no online resources focused on training individuals in the mastery of the IBM Information Server platform.

The Inforge Academy is committed to fulfil this need by providing the most succinct, detailed, real world applicable, user focused, logically‐phased‐and‐stepped technical instruction guides and online courses that exists on the internet today.

... I do it

In a nutshell ; with Guides and Online Courses.

Guides are intended to cover the system implementation aspect of the Information Server Platform. You will be instructed specifically what to do in a pre-defined scenario, and shown exactly how to perform each and every step. Guides are expecting you to NOT know how to perform every step, be it UNIX command and Windows actions. 
Online courses – coming soon – are intended to cover the usage of the platform. Think DataStage developer training. You will be left with the exact knowledge required to leave the training and hit the ground running the very next day.
Whether it’s guides or courses, the execution will be the same. All training will be modular, simple and straight forward, exact, and direct. You will be educated on the how, as well as the why.